Œuvres d'âmes (Soul Artworks) gives a voice to artworks and disseminates the subtle messages they silently transmit to the soul.


I've often tried to explain, convey and transcribe this dimension through specific plastic techniques mixing painting and alternative photography.

I have also explored the superimposition of time and place, light and the reflections of the soul in nature. Many of my works have emerged from this research,travelled the world, found their way into many 'interiors', and led to precious encounters and synchronicities.

 And yet, beyond the visual, conceptual and critical explanations,the work acts on another plane of consciousness and connects us to another dimension, our true Nature. It ‘s inexplicable


I've always received a lot from the world of light, which encourages me to reveal the messages in the works. These texts are channelled to me through the works and around my presence. They are addressed to the soul. They allow for exchange

and give hope.

 May these works of art enlighten your inner self and guide your soul !


 Stéphanie Malossane